Pure Baking Company
Pure baked goods to nourish the body and soul.
Owner Julie Kennedy has very personal reasons for living a gluten free and dairy free lifestyle.  Julie was diagnosed with discoid lupus and fibromyalgia at the age of 20.  She enjoys a medication free life because of the food she eats.  Julie grew up baking with her father.  So, with an inherited sweet tooth, she began exploring the world of allergy free baking.  
In 2009, when Julie's daughter was born, she was diagnosed with severe acid reflux and unable to tolerate many foods.  With Julie's passion for baking, and a desire for her and her daughter to not miss out on fun childhood sweets, Julie sought out to create recipes that they both could enjoy.  Now, they can be included in parties and holiday celebrations with PURE baked goods.  
As a busy working mom, Julie saw a need to offer healthy baked goods for individuals who want to eat well, and have fun too! Pure Baking Company's mission is to provide PURE baked goods to nourish the body and soul.  Julie is thrilled to share her PURE loved treats with you!